Now don't be bashful about writing to me if you know of a job. I play the guitar, and am what is known as a magical singer, in as much as I fool the audience completely. I keep them guessing all during the show. Guessing why the devil they bought a ticket.

  I am the one and only right handed left handed player in the field; and have been told I'd be better in the field, with a hoe. I've dug with a hoe, but I can raise more cain by digging the Republicans.

  If you are afraid I wouldn't go over in your lodge or party, you are possibly right. In such case just mail me $15 and I won't come. When I perform I cut it down to $10. When for a good cause, $5. When for a better cause, I come free. If you can think of a better one still, I'll give you my service, my guitar, my hat, and 65¢ cash money.

    --Woody Guthrie

Tom Rawson, Folksinger and Storyteller